Taurino Francesco Wines - Wine Making Art From Father to Son

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Company information:

Company Name: Taurino Francesco s.a.s. & C.
Owner Name: Francesco Taurino
Founded on: 2017
VAT No.: 04894710757
Number of employees: 2-5

Company description:

“Filifilori”, that means “from father to son”, is the first wine produced by the "Taurino Wine House" company founded by Francesco Taurino. It is a tribute to the beloved parent, Cosimo Taurino, pioneer of quality viticulture in Apulia together with Severino Garofano.


“Making wine means working hard, putting on your face, a lot of passion and above all your heart. It's not just a business. In the bottle I express my essence. These are the teachings of my father. I believe in what I do and I hope to be able to transmit them [...]. Each new label is like a child who comes into the world, a deep bond is established, must be accompanied in growth”.

Francesco Taurino, founder of the company


“Filifilori” is the symbol of continuity and an inner challenge. It is a thoroughbred horse with an austere character, young and impetuous tannins are softened by softness. A red table wine made exclusively from negroamaro saplings. In the vineyard the grapes undergo a drying on the plant and a careful selection on the vine. In the second decade of October the harvest begins. The wine ferments in steel silos and before bottling it rests for 3 months in barriques, some new ones, the others second and third passage. There are 18,000 bottles from the first vintage. The alcoholic content is 14% vol. The winemaker is Giacomo Palmisano.

The label recalls the territory: in the background the church and the town of Guagnano (Lecce province, Apulia), in the center in relief the signature of the producer and the bull, a symbol of strength and obstinacy.

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